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CT::SWaM // Pioneer Works :: Spatial Sound (Late) Summer Session

Showcasing pieces developed during Spatial Sound (Late) Summer Sessions 2017, CT::SWaM presented a program of spatial sound pieces at Pioneer Works on September 10th, 2017. CT::SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions is an annual program that presents performances and workshop sessions focused on the evolving field of multi­-channel sound. The work ran on rotation from 4 PM – 10 PM in the 3rd floor studio of Pioneer Works during their Second Sundays event.


Bob Bellerue ::
Jason Brogan ::
Mike Bullock ::
Sabisha Friedberg ::
Neil Leonard ::



CT::SWaM: [5] A Spatial Sound Session for the 5th Anniversary

For its 5th anniversary celebration CT::SWaM presented an evening of collaborations, compositions and cookies at Knockdown Center on May 25th, 2017. A special spatial sound session was held in preparation for use of a 12.3 channel sound system in the main room. The 7 PM program included a variety of short solo pieces, a control-suspending Modular Collaboration, simultaneities and in between sounds from the archive.

Claude Edwards : spatialized field recordings and interviews
Merche Blasco : EEMF:
Shelley Hirsch : ToHuWaBoHu
David Linton : 9/11/15
Cecilia Lopez : From Versiones Arruinadas : Los Boredoms, La Manoseada
Matthew Ostrowski : Shiver and Cleave
Kamron Saniee : Turbulent Flow

Gus Callahan, Michael Clemow, Seth Cluett, Richard Garet, Wolfgang Gil, Jenn Grossman, Victoria Keddie, Patti Kilroy, Daniel Neumann and Bruce Tovsky : A Modular Collaboration


CT::SWaM // AMEE — Spanish Electroacoustic Multi-Channel Music

CT::SWaM partnered with AMEE in presenting an overview of recent works by composers from the Spanish Association for Electroacoustic Music at Roulette Intermedium on Saturday, March 18th, 2017. The event featured a repertoire of multi-channel acousmatic pieces and a piece for violin (performed by Sarah Goldfeather) and electronics, representing the works of composers Jaime Esteve, Miguel A. García, Gregorio Jiménez, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Pedro Linde, Reyes Oteo, Stefano Scarani. The evening concluded with a talk between Ferrer-Molina, President of AMEE, and Daniel Neumann, Director of CT::SWaM.

Jaime Esteve : “SATZ3” (2004),
Miguel A. García : “Niños rata” (2015)
Andrés Lewin-Richter : “RSF” (2014)
Reyes Oteo : “Rosa de los Vientos” (2011)
Gregorio Jiménez : “Etude de Sons” (2009)

Sarah Goldfeather, Ferrer-Molina – violin & live electronics

Pedro Linde : “Rondó Prometeo” (2016)
Stefano Scarani : “One Step of Fire” (1998, reviewed in 2016)


CT::SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2016

CT::SWam and Fridman Gallery hosted an installment of Spatial Sound Summer Sessions from August 25th – September 6th, 2016. For two weeks, the Fridman Gallery was turned into a Temporary multi-channel sound studio. Work sessions led to 5 public evening events.


Presentations: Experiments: Studies: Concerts: Workshops: and: Exchange:

Richard Garet:: RED-Splice (2016)
Wolfgang Gil:: generative installation
Jay Hines:: improvised modular synth performance, utilizing cv panning and spatialization

Josefin Lindebrink :: Hyperakusi II
Michael J. Schumacher :: Fridman Space
TALK :: a conversation between the artists and organizer Daniel Neumann

Stephen Schaum:: 5 compositions for 8 speakers and 4 subwoofers
Daniel Neumann:: Next To Nothing, 8.4 live performance

Dafna Naphtali:: Audio Chandelier
Mike Amacio:: Field Manipulations
Ian Epps:: improvisations in ambisonic positive feedback and sympathetic resonance

Matthew Ostrowski:: Grand Abacus
Lybes Dimem (Lukas Rehm):: KZEJHRAV
Matthew D. Gantt:: Isomorphs
Kamron Saniee:: Room on Wire
Scott Murakami:: Walking In Circles


[ ] leerraum [ ] : :: label special :

CT::SWaM presented a selected program of multi-channel releases and live performances from the Swiss-based label [ ] leerraum at The Sump on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016.

Yuzo Kako (JP) : fora
Janiv Oron (CH) : an other variation for rotary speakers
D’Incise (CH) : stephan thut vier 1-12
Elías Merino (ESP) : initial suppressions
Colliding Fields (CH) / Richard Garet (USA) / Zimoun (CH) : multi-channel live set


Jane Rigler, Elizabeth Hoffman, Anna Weisling; and diNMachine

CT::SWaM partnered with Harvestworks to present two audio-visual multi-channel performance works, commissioned and produced by the Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence Program, at the Knockdown Center on Thursday, May 5th.

The evening featured All the more my thoughts multiply, a new work by Jane Rigler and Elizabeth Hoffman with video by Anna Weisling and The Audio Visual Matrix by diNMachine (Michael Schumacher and Nisi Jacobs).

Jane Rigler & Elizabeth Hoffman; Anna Weisling, video : All the more my thoughts multiply
diNMachine (Michael Schumacher & Nisi Jacobs) : The Audio Visual Matrix