CT::SWaM Recombinant Hour 2020

March 6 and 7 at 8pm
during Recombinant Festival 2020
Gray Area, San Francisco

Over the 2 days of the festival CT::SWaM presented international electro-acoustic multi-channel surround audio works projected by Daniel Neumann, featuring Enda Bates, Patrick Franke, Miguel A. Garcia, Elizabeth Hoffman, Yvette Janine Jackson, Yuzo Kako, Matthew Ostrowski, Dana Roth, and Kristina Warren

Program for CT::SWaM Recombinant Hour

Day 1::
Kristina Warren – Almost Completely Lucid
Miguel A. Garcia – Dissolve
Dana Roth – Panic Attack At The Mirror Maze 1
Elizabeth Hoffman – Made Of Wind
Matthew Ostrowski – Grand Abacus

Day 2::
Elizabeth Hoffman – Made Of Wind
Yuzo Kako – fora
Patrick Franke – Darswald / Kalthaus
Enda Bates – Autoharp
Yvette Janine Jackson – Swan

CT::SWaM ExChange 013:: Elizabeth Hoffman :: Marcel Zaes

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Monday, February 17, 2020 at 8pm
Fridman Gallery
169 Bowery, New York, New York 10002

CT::SWaM ExChange 013 with Elizabeth Hoffman and Marcel Zaes

Please RSVP (ticket link) since seats are limited.
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clouds pattern (2019)
made of wind [premiere] (2020)
tines [premiere] (2020)
Clouds are densely symbolic; even their colors impact us: gray, dark, fluffy, light, clear, and so on. They are also visually suggestive – of abstract patterns and of images. They are ephemeral and lack edges, and, yet, they are intricately formed. Cloud patterns also refer to good computer solutions. This piece is mostly about the sounds’ internal movements in 3-D space, achieved through spectral spatialization, within — and driving — the overall slowly changing sound mass.
Thanks to recording and improv sessions with two wind filled friends. The vibrational energy is so densely packed yet splits apart into striations especially when manipulated with computer analysis. Woodwinds have perhaps an even more direct connection than do strings to the embodied movements of air, flapping, pulsing, gusting, flowing, ruffling, and buzzing.
I used algorithmic techniques and multi-channel mapping to create a miniature world where everything is kaleidoscopically fragmented and impossible to track. Yet it still unfolds in a strangely up-close and cohesive augmented reality-like way.
BIO note::
Elizabeth Hoffman’s creative work encompasses acoustic and computer music. The latter includes multi-channel works, and mixed musics where the computer is instrument, composition, and structure. Her electronic works appear on the empreintes DIGITALes label. Her sound installation RETU(R)NINGS opened as a permanent, daily sounding feature of NYU’s Bobst Library Atrium in September 2019. Hoffman teaches in the school of Arts and Science at NYU. Awards include those from Bourges, Prix Ars Electronica, and the the ICMA.
Moments of Doubt
Work for an amplified, low-pitched instrument
Played back in a multichannel array of speakers
“Moments of Doubt” started as a close collaboration between Marcel Zaes and Robert Black, after Marcel had heard Robert’s recorded performance of the extremely reduced and rhythmic double bass work “Opus 17a” by Hanne Darboven, played over speakers in the galleries of Dia:Chelsea back in 2017. The relentlessness, steadiness and machine-like quality of Robert’s performance, which is yet emotionally charged, was the beginning of their collaboration. Commissioned to write a new work specifically for Robert Black, Marcel started to imagine a body of machinic, electronic music – which normally Marcel calls his home – yet in this case, an entirely instrumental body of sound with no actual electronics. The machinic component is reduced to an array of algorithmically generated metronomes at different subdivisions of the main temporal unit. The double bassist, in “Moments of Doubt,” is then asked to play along these various metronomes while playing extremely fragile double stops, which lie somewhere in the middle between noise and tone – in a realm that again is inspired by electronic sound practices. The micro deviations that occur between the salient double bass patterns and the rigid inaudible metronomes, and the micro deviations between the various double stops, result in what Marcel and Robert were looking for: an overly fragile landscape of steady sound that is both reminiscent of some hidden mechanical force, and of the human traces created in the reenactment thereof. From the beginning, “Moments of Doubt” had been conceived as a multiplication of that human performer: Robert plays five voices, which were successively recorded and now materialize all around us in the multichannel speaker array, giving rise to a spatial rather than temporal sonic texture.
Marcel Zaes (b. 1984 in Bern, Switzerland), is an artist and artistic researcher, holding degrees from University of the Arts in Bern and Zurich University of the Arts, and has studied composition with Alvin Curran in Rome and with Peter Ablinger in Berlin. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Music & Multimedia Composition at Brown University. Marcel investigates mechanical time, its politics and its socio-cultural contexts. His artistic practice encompasses installation pieces, “living installations” with human performers, concert music for ensembles and electronics, and multimedia solo performances that he calls “post techno beat music.” His works consist of assemblages of self-made software codes that act as mechanical timekeepers and human performers who they play “against.” Most of his pieces harbor an affective potential to perceive and re-think the gap between what is congenitally conceived of as “human,” versus what is conceived of as “mechanical” temporality. For his work, Marcel Zaes has been awarded a number of grants and prizes, has played numerous concerts and taken part in exhibitions internationally, worked many times as artist in residence, has had his works played by ensembles internationally, and he has published eleven albums to date. Most recently, his work has been showcased at the at ISEA Hong Kong, at the Center for New Music San Francisco, at Goethe Institute New Delhi, at House of Electronic Arts Basel, Symphony Space New York, the Biennial of Contemporary Arts Lisbon, at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, and Columbia University in New York. www.marcelzaes.com
Robert Black tours the world creating unheard of music for the solo double bass, collaborating with the most adventurous composers, musicians, dancers, artists, actors, and technophiles from all walks of life. He is a founding and current member of the Bang On A Can All Stars. Current collaborative projects include a 10-channel audio/video double bass installation reflection on the Anthropocene with sound artists Brian House and Sue Huang, filmed at the Freshkills landfill in NYC, and Blued Trees Project an out-door, environmental installation/performance for 24 double basses exploring the tension between ecocidal fossil fuel policies and the drive for the common good expressed in environmental justice movements for Earth rights with environmental artist Aviva Rahmani, composer Eve Beglarian, and choreographer Yoshiko Chuma. Commissions include John Luther Adams (bass quartet), Marcel Zaes (multichannel bass work), Natacha Diels (bass duet), and Daniel Sabzghabaei (solo bass); Solo recordings include Philip Glass-Bass Partita and Poetry (Orange Mountain Music), Possessed (Cantaloupe Records), Modern American Bass (New World Records), The Bass Music of Christian Wolff and Giacinto Scelsi (Mode Records), and State of the Bass (O.O. Discs). www.robertblack.org

ExChange 01Y:: Ginny Benson, Dani Dobkin, Barbara Held and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

ExChange 01Y:: Ginny Benson, Dani Dobkin, Barbara Held and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

CT::SWaM ExChange, the monthly-ish salon-style gathering is celebrating its one year anniversary featuring sound artists, composers, intermedia artists Ginny Benson, Dani Dobkin, Barbara Held and Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste.

This evening is also the opening concert for Fridman’s annual New Ear Festival:: https://www.fridmangallery.com/new-ear-festival-2020

Mon, Jan 6 2020
Fridman Gallery – both floors!
169 Bowery, NYC


An improvisational exercise in quadraphonic sound and analogue video.

BIO: Ginny Benson is an intermedia artist who explores techniques of audiovisual collage. She utilizes synthesis, sampling, and thrift electronics to create immersive compositions and live performances. She has toured extensively under the moniker VX Bliss, and has presented work at New York institutions including Lincoln Center, Pioneer Works, Electronic Arts Intermix, and Roulette Intermedium. She lives and works in Queens, NY. :


BIO: Dani Dobkin is a resonant body and artist working with sound as a sculptural medium. Their work investigates elements of noise, signal flow, forced resonance, drone texture and the liminal spaces between. As a sound artist, Dobkin works with both large and small scale ideas of sound through physical materials with a focus on intentionality and occupation of space. As a composer, Dobkin has recently been exploring the vast sonic landscape of ceramic and clay material. Their work has been shown both locally and internationally. Dobkin lives and works in New York where they hold an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University, teaches sound and synthesis at Bard College, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Music Composition at Columbia University. // danidobkin.com :

BARBARA HELD Experiment for flute, electronics and space

BIO: Barbara Held is a flutist and composer who lives in Barcelona, Spain. Her practice as a classically trained musician gives priority to a lifetime of collaboration, of interdisciplinary work in relation to other artists.  She has performed a very personal body of new repertoire for flute by both Spanish and American composers, including Alvin Lucier’s “Self-Portrait” for flute and wind anemometer, and film and performance work with Carles Santos and poet Joan Brossa. Known for her subtle exploration of the minutae of sonic material, she creates sensitive, focused sound work that exposes the detail of the physical space of listening in equal part to a keen attention to how we listen as bodies moving through the world.


BIO: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste is a New York based artist, composer, and performer. He received a Bessie Award for Outstanding Music Composition/Sound Design in 2018 and has presented visual and performance work at spaces including MoMA PS1 (NY); Performance Space New York (NY); The Brooklyn Museum (NY); The Kitchen (NY); The Studio Museum in Harlem (NY); The High Line (NY); The Philadelphia Museum of Art (PA); FringeArts, (PA); Tanz Im August at HAU3 (Berlin); and Stoa Cultural Center (Helsinki). Toussaint-Baptiste was a 2017 artist- in-residence at Issue Project Room and has also contributed writing to Artforum. He is a founding member of the performance collective Wildcat! and frequently collaborates with artists across media, including Will Rawls, Tiona Nekkia McClodden, Claudia Rankine, King Vision Ultra, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, and Jonathan Gonzalez. Toussaint-Baptiste holds an MFA from Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts program.

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ExChange 011:: Berklee College Student Showcase

CT::SWaM presented multi-channel pieces by students of the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute (BIAI) in the Fridman Gallery Upstairs on Monday, December 16, 2019. Previous projects presented this semester by students of the BIAI, directed by Neil Leonard, have included works for the 52-audio channel 6-video channel ISM-Hexadome at MassMoCA.::

Works by::

Cristobal Garcia Belmont:: The Cutting of a Tree
Dana Roth:: Panic Attack at the Mirror Maze
Harrison de Wolfe:: Grief
Joy Lee:: Italy Dream
Judy Nie:: Mother and Baby
Nathaniel Clay:: Rainy Forest Walk
Xurui Li :: Creatures

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CT::SWaM and Fourth World

CT::SWaM is partnering with Fourth World
At this 18h techno fest CT::SWaM will provide a multichannel sound system and some programming for the Spatial Sound Ambient Lounge::
You don’t have to dance.
Yet, you may.
Sat, 6 Jul 2pm to Sun, 7 Jul 2019 6am
CT::SWaM programming:: between 10pm and 1am
CT::SWaM members are getting a discount. Become a member HERE: :::
BASEMENT at Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave., NY 11378
CT::SWaM programming:: between 10pm and 1am
C. Lavender
Richard Garet
Kenneth Kirschner
Lee Gilboa
Daniel Neumann
Kyle Combs

The party:: The iconic Independence Day celebration is back for another year, with a jaw-dropping lineup that shows exactly how much local talent the Brooklyn scene boasts.
Line-up /
Fourth World / Joey Beltram / Galcher Lustwerk / The Carry Nation / Gooddroid / Cali Rose / J. Albert / Savile / The Long Count Cycle / Logan Takahashi / Dee Diggs / AceMo / Rachel Noon / Ne/Re/A / Kiki Kudo / Olive T / Ashlyn / motiv-a / GIA / Sanna / Olga / P.U.R.E. / January Hunt / Lydo / Adrestia / Shy Eyez / Octonomy / HY.4X / Pure Immanence / Gaul Plus / Toribio / Santiago / Guilt / Alonzo / Donny Burlin / Rob Seurat / DJ Healthy-

CT::SWaM presents:: g r e y f a d e  record label launch

theo bleckmann + joseph branciforte / album release for LP1
kenneth kirschner
greg davis
for its label launch event, greyfade partners with CT::SWaM and fridman gallery to present an evening of spatialized works in various performative contexts: an 8-channel installation from vermont-based sound artist greg davis, a fixed work for multichannel digital choir from composer kenneth kirschner, and a live improvised performance from grammy-nominated vocalist theo bleckmann and electronic musician/composer joseph branciforte with live spatialization by daniel neumann.
the label will be celebrating its inaugural release, LP1, a duo recording from bleckmann & branciforte, due out the same day in vinyl and high-resolution digital editions.
fridman gallery upstairs
169 bowery, ny ny
friday 6/21, 8p
$12 advance / $15 door
pre-order LP1:

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