Michael Vincent Waller, John P. Hastings and Doron Sadja

APRIL 16 2012
Eyebeam, 540 West 21st Street

Michael Vincent Waller, John P. Hastings and Doron Sadja

Michael Vincent Waller
OBJECT I (2012)
OBJECT I is written for modular synth, as the central objective sound source, with e-bow guitar accompaniment. The structure is a series of recombinatorial moments, which feature macro just- intonation intervals in the harmonic series. These floating chords, shaded with silence, are accentuated by subtle beating and highly attenuated glissando. The understated, yet pervasive, drama is gradual but constant shifts in color. Overall, the temporal workspace deeply focuses on psychoacoustic phenomenon. Performed by Adam Diller, John P. Hastings, Andrew Christopher Smith, and Michael Waller.

John P. Hastings
Using a laptop and field recordings, an aural edifice is erected, utilizing the proportions of the architect’s work and placing it into a harmonic framework.

Doron Sadja
for multichannel electronics.


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