a place for the peripheral / ein kleiner Ort für das Periphere

Das peritopo is a multi-channel studio out in the German countryside – a little place for the peripheral. It’s located in the town of Schöneck/Vogtland, near the border to the Czech republic.

We’re officially launching peritopo today, on Jan 5 2023 – the 3rd anniversary of the death of Heinz Neumann, who built this apartment complex as part of the East German workers union (AWG) and who lived in the apartment for over 60 years with his wife Hildegard.

Das peritopo is CT::SWaM’s outpost, outfitted with a high-quality 8-channel soundsystem, a growing library of books around sound art and spatial sound and a soldering station. The operation is very informal at the moment, with some programming starting this year. Get in touch if you need a space for some focused spatial sound work, or just to read, develop projects and go for walks in the nearby forest.