CT::SWaM – Seed 01

Greenstone / Kuester / C. Lavender / Lee / Long / Meehan / Neumann / Roberts-Gevalt / Thorpe / Zierk
A collective work on peripheral listening

Wednesday, August 31, 8 PM

Event link // FB

Fridman Gallery, 169 Bowery | NYC

For the upcoming event CT::SWaM is hosting a collective, process-based, durational, spatial-sound group improvisation activating the entire space of the gallery. Through different strategies of sonic exchange, a variety of instrumentations and a networked system we’re exploring the concept of “peripheral listening”.

Madison Greenstone
Nicolee Kuester
C Lavender
Andrew Yong Hoon Lee
Sam Long
Sean Meehan
Daniel Neumann
Anna RG
Suzanne Thorpe
Evan Zierk

During the day on Aug 31 the 10 participants will convene at Fridman Gallery for an exchange of thoughts, ideas, materials, listening exercises and to basically create a system for playing together. The aim is to develop a structure, and a system for passing sounds to each other as well as spatial distribution throughout the space; all towards a spontaneous work that explores and encourages peripheral listening and will be activated in the evening. There will be an idiosyncratic multi-channel speaker system spread out through the entire gallery, maybe also projectors, if we decide to use them. Some participants will play, some maybe won’t. Some might write, or talk afterwards, others might record, videotape, or collect.

A systemic composition will unfold over time, a micro-ecology of sounds, where participants are interconnected in a dynamic network.

We need plants and ideas to grow, not capital and exploitation. The proceeds from this concert will be donated to a forestation project.

Accessibility : Fridman Gallery is a first-floor space and is accessible by wheelchair. Seating (chairs + pillows) will be provided. The performers request that all audience members wear masks. If you have any access-related questions or request, please contact contact@ctswam.org

CT::SWaM presents “#VRstilllistening” – a first ever venture into Virtual Reality for us, a space for spatial sound works, featuring Merche Blasco, Richard Garet, Lee Gilboa, Neil Leonard, Cecilia Lopez, Daniel Neumman, DM R, Michael J. Schumacher, Bora Yoon and Yifeat Ziv.

The CT::SWaM #VRstilllistening quadrant is part of pavilion 58 in the large Wrong Biennial which describes itself as “a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel”. Thank you Matthew D. Gantt, George Vitale, Jeffrey Grunthaner and Synthesis Gallery for inviting us to join. 

Please note:: Our pavilion no. 58 was officially open Nov 2021 – Mar 2022.

#VRstilllistening was also shown at MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan Sep – Oct 2022.

CT::SWaM Broadband Echos


CT::SWaM Broadband Echos is an online radio show connected to CT::SWaM [Contemporary Temporary:: Sound Works and Music] – an artist-run series focusing on spatial sound works, based in New York City. Episodes feature a combination of works from the CT::SWaM archive, new performance formats, discussions and artist interviews. Theories and approaches to spatial sound composition are explored, while also addressing the complexity and subjectivity of translating spatial works to the radio format and reflecting on the ways in which our relationship and interaction has changed by the enclosed social reality of the current day.

Hosted on CKweb, Bogota and available in English and Spanish.

Listen HERE

Production:: Daniel Neumann, Lee Gilboa / Traducción: Nicolás Quintero

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