CT::SWaM: Spatial Sound (Late) Summer Session

CT::SWaM is presenting a program of spatial sound pieces in the 3rd floor studio of Pioneer Works in Brooklyn during the Second Sundays event. The works will run on rotation from 4p – 10p.
Artists include::
Bob Bellerue
Jason Brogan
Mike Bullock
Sabisha Friedberg
Neil Leonard
September 10 2017
4p – 10p
Pioneer Works
159 Pioneer Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn
Most of the featured pieces had been developed during the Spatial Sound (Late) Summer Sessions 2017 prior to the 2nd Sunday. CT::SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions is an annual program that presents performances and workshop sessions focused on the evolving field of multi­-channel sound.


:::::::: :: :::::  :::::::::

CT::SWaM Broadband Echos on Clocktower Radio

The second episode is out!


:: The episode reflects on some of the sonic events, performances, and installations that occurred during the Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2015 and their roles within the context of spatial sound. It includes discussions and works by Leah Beeferman / Alfons Knogl, Gen Ken Montgomery, Jenn Grossman, Wolfgang Gil, Mene Savasta, David Moscovich feat. Beatriz Albuquerque / Cecily Iddings / Justin Maki / Daniel Neumann Mike Topp; Federico Escalante, and Jukka Hautamaki.


Broadband Echos is a bimonthly broadcast on Clocktower Radio presenting and reflecting on spatial sound works from the CT::SWaM live event series.

The show explores theories and approaches to spatial sound works, while also addressing the subjectivity of translating spatial works to the radio format. Episodes will feature performances, discussions and artist interviews, highlighting recent and upcoming events in the series.




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