ExChange 011:: Berklee College Student Showcase

CT::SWaM presented multi-channel pieces by students of the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute (BIAI) in the Fridman Gallery Upstairs on Monday, December 16, 2019. Previous projects presented this semester by students of the BIAI, directed by Neil Leonard, have included works for the 52-audio channel 6-video channel ISM-Hexadome at MassMoCA.::

Works by::

Cristobal Garcia Belmont:: The Cutting of a Tree
Dana Roth:: Panic Attack at the Mirror Maze
Harrison de Wolfe:: Grief
Joy Lee:: Italy Dream
Judy Nie:: Mother and Baby
Nathaniel Clay:: Rainy Forest Walk
Xurui Li :: Creatures

::: :::::: :::::

CT::SWaM ExChange is a monthly meet-up at the Fridman Gallery Media Room focussed on multi-channel works and spatial sound. These meetings provide a platform for exchanging ideas, for listening to contemporary and historical pieces, hosting presentations, demos, talks and workshops, and for developing an ongoing discourse around spatial sound.

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