CT::SWaM ExChange 008 :: Andres Leon : Merche Blasco

CT::SWaM hosted presentations by Andrés León and Merche Blasco at the Fridman Gallery Media Room on Monday, September 23rd, 2019.

Merche Blasco:: Conversations with Anette – for 8 channels
Andrés León::

::: :::::: :::::

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Conversations with Anette – for 8 channels
This piece is the most recent installment in a series conducted in collaboration with my new interlocuter and companion in the performance space, a 3D printer I built named Anette. In our very first exchange, Anette 3D-printed some wearable microphones for my fingers, which enabled me and the audience to hear the sound of her unique electromagnetic voice. I spent the following months listening to how her voice would change depending upon the different patterns she was printing, or the way I moved my hands around her, or the fluctuations in electric charge running through her body. Every performance with Anette becomes a live exploration of the ways in which the idiosyncrasies of each venue and the particular objects Anette prints there shape the sound of our ongoing conversation.
Merche Blasco is an interdisciplinary artist and composer based in New York. Her work involves designing and building imprecise technological assemblages that catalyze new listening modes and embodied forms of live composition in electroacoustic sounds.
She has presented her performances and installations at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, La Biennale di Venezia, Issue Project Room, NIME conferences, Tsonami International Sound Art Festival in Chile, The High Line in New York, Mapping Festival (Geneva), and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, among others. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Wire magazine.
Blasco is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in music composition at New York University (GSAS).
Andrés León presents a generative multichannel music performance produced by using modular synthesis and digital sound manipulation. States of Diffusion will immerse the audience into an introspective journey through cyclical randomized melodies, granulized textures and spatial sound drones. The performer will treat the space as a ceremonial gathering following his artistic vision that finds intersections between music creation and personal cosmogonies.
Andrés León is a composer, musician and multimedia artist from Quito, Ecuador. Currently based in New York City, where he is pursuing an MFA in Sonic Arts at Brooklyn College, Leon’s work uses sound synthesis and digital processing to create pieces that question the boundaries between music and sound. Inspired by cyclical movements of nature, he is using repetition and chance as tools for the exploration of time as a subjective concept. These interests derive from his spiritual experiences with ancestral Amerindian ceremonial practices and his reflections on changing aspects of identity and belonging.
Exchange:: Gather:: Listen::
Mon, Sep 23 2019
Fridman Gallery Media Room (Basement)
169 Bowery, NYC
This is the eighth iteration of the series of informal gatherings focussed on multi-channel works and spatial sound.

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