ExChange006:: late :night concerts:: :ICMC / NYCEMF ::6/17-6/20

From Mon 6/17 – Thur 6/20 CT::SWaM ExChange is hosting the late concerts for this years ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) + NYCEMF (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival).
Daily at 10:30pm
Fridman Gallery Media Room
169 Bowery, NY NY
Please RSVP (ticket link) since seats are limited.
Free for CT::SWaM members and with festival pass.
Become a member HERE: :::


Event link
Adam Tindale, Angus Tarnawsky:: Improvisation for Computer Musicians…
Junzuo Li, Style:: Color and Space
Robin Meeker-Cummings:: Vivify
Alyssa Wixson:: The Mine of the Unconscious
Andrew Dolphin, Ben Ramsay:: Crizzle
Epa Fassianos:: ElectroSantouri
Robert Cosgrove:: coat for laptop ensemble
Pinda Ho:: Parle Do I
Jack Kilgore:: Dusk Walk
Nate Ghormley:: Riding the Wavetable
Danielle Pozzi:: CK91
Man Jie:: Enchanted
J. Diaz:: Helen in Boston
Margaret Schedel:: After Apple | Box
Daniel Höpfner, Michele Samarotto:: untitled av
Larry Gaab:: Words Halfway There
Krissy Dejuri:: Chiroptera
Gintas Kraptavičius:: Vintage Digital
Kyle Shaw:: Intra-
Felipe Otondo:: Night Study 2
Kıvanç Tatar et. al.:: Revive
Xiaohan Chen:: Friends in travel
John Thompson:: Into the rarefied air
Jay Afrisando, The (Real) laptop Music :))
Ben Neill:: Fathom

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