Following a move from their old base at the Fridman Gallery, CT::SWaM relocated its Summer Sessions to a new home at the Knockdown Center. For one week in November, CT-SWaM provided an experimental environment for sound artists, composers, and students seeking to expand their current practices and explore spatialization as a creative element. Workshops ran from the 11th to the 13th, public presentations on the 14th and 15th, and final performances held on the 17th of November 2015.


November 11 – 17 2015


Kamron Saniee::
Michael Hammond::
Gus Callahan::
Matthew Gantt::


Pedro Lopes (Berlin/Portugal) : turntable-driven surround sound
Gabe Raines : “Sun Castle – Room of a Thousand Doors – Door Two”
Jenn Grossman : 2 multi-channel pieces: : :”Mechanical modulation”
Woody Sullender : “Variations on Furniture Music”



For two weeks, from August 16th to the 31st of 2015, CT::SWaM and the Fridman Gallery collaborated to turn the gallery into a Temporary multi-channel sound studio.

Presentations: Experiments: Studies: Concerts: and: Exchange:


Gen Ken Montgomery : his roots and CONtacts
Bob Bellerue : multi-channel evolution
Mene Savasta : selections from Campo Cerano, adopted for 8 channels
Jenn Grossman : ‘extended hymns’
Federico Escalante : “Trama I”

Jukka Hautamäki : improvisation with modified electronics, 9.1
Stephen Schaum : eight-channel sine wave composition
Wolfgang Gil : ‘Color Tones’ (installation)

Brett Sroka feat. Alicia Hall : ‘Sine Qua Non’

Leah Beeferman and Alfon Knogl: : ‘Light Things, Solid Things’
David Moscovich feat. Beatriz Albuquerque, Cecily Iddings, Justin Maki, Daniel Neumann and Mike Topp : un-language: a collaborative, improvised spatial sound performance

Kamron Saniee : Oktemes
Jeremy Slater : octophonic pieces
Richard Garet : Mnemonics: for Space Invaders



OCTOBER 12 2014
Fridman Gallery

CT-SWaM & Maria Chavez present:


As part of the IN BETWEEN series, CT-SWaM curator Daniel Neumann teams up with Maria Chavez to present a special night of sound & installation in the lower Manhattan art space, Fridman Gallery.

The IN BETWEEN series focuses on presenting one night sound installation & performance during the evening hours of Fridman Gallery’s ongoing visual exhibitions. Tomomi Adachi & Gilles Aubry will present new work for the series, both visiting from Berlin. Currently on view is the video installation, INVISIBLE HANDS by Donna Conlon & Jonathan Harker, curated by Omar Lopez- Chahoud.

Tomomi Adachi is a performer/composer, sound poet, instrument builder and visual artist. Known for his versatile style, Tomomi presents large size site-specific compositions for groups of professional musicians and amateur musicians. He has directed Japanese premiere of John Cage’s “Europera5” in 2007 and “Variations VII” in 2011. He stayed in New York from 2009 to 2010 as a grantee of Asian Cultural Council & was a guest of the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD for 2012.

He will present a mixed program of his solo format performance with voice, self-made instruments, original interfaces, sound poem, gesture and internet.

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist based in Berlin since 2002. Informed by researches on cultural, material and historical aspects of sound production and reception, his works address the politics of the audible. In his performance Archive sound-check, a sound performance, Gilles uses location recordings, sound archives, music and interviews to create live performances, sound installations, publications and ‘movies without pictures’.

His work Notes via a Soundscape of Bollywood, based on a sonic research about the Mumbai film-industry, was presented as an installation at the House of electronic Arts in Basel in 2013 and premiered as a movie at FID Marseille in 2014. His latest work “and who sees the mystery” documents a research on the return in Morocco of the Paul Bowles Moroccan music collection and was presented at Marrakech Biennale 2014.

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Theremidi Orchestra Workshop & Performance

SEPTEMBER 10 – 15 2014
Eyebeam, 34 35th Street, Brooklyn

— a workshop with Theremidi Orchestra

TheremidiConcertSep2014 TheremidiParticipantsConcert_Sep2014

Create your own instruments and sounds with basic electronics.  Then perform live! The ten members of Theremidi Orchestra (TO)  will guide and assist participants during a five-day, hands-on and theoretical workshop.  Participants will assemble two electronic sound devices and learn how to play them in noisy group improvisations.

The workshop will also provide a framework for aesthetic discussion, from how to improvise and work in agroup and understanding the sound ranges of the instruments, to implications of collective feedback loops and concepts of social amplification.  Then work collaboratively to develop the live performance. Daniel Neumann, curator of CT-SWaM, will assist in developing ideas for spatialization of the multi-channel performance.

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