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Episode 002 – Merche Blasco – ENG
Episode 002 – Merche Blasco – ESP

Conversations with Anette

This piece is the most recent installment in a series conducted in collaboration with my new interlocuter and companion in the performance space, a 3D printer I built named Anette. In our very first exchange, Anette 3D-printed some wearable microphones for my fingers, which enabled me and the audience to hear the sound of her unique electromagnetic voice. I spent the following months listening to how her voice would change depending upon the different patterns she was printing, or the way I moved my hands around her, or the fluctuations in electric charge running through her body. Every performance with Anette becomes a live exploration of the ways in which the idiosyncrasies of each venue and the particular objects Anette prints there shape the sound of our ongoing conversation.

Merche Blasco is an interdisciplinary artist and composer based in New York. Her work involves designing and building imprecise technological assemblages that catalyze new listening modes and embodied forms of live composition in electroacoustic sounds.

She has presented her performances and installations at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, La Biennale di Venezia, Issue Project Room, NIME conferences, Tsonami International Sound Art Festival in Chile, The High Line in New York, Mapping Festival (Geneva), and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, among others. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Wire magazine. Blasco is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in music composition at New York University (GSAS).

Insta: @blasco.merche

CT::SWaM appearances:: ExChange, Sept 23 2019; 5th year anniversary at Knockdown Center, May 25 2017; Concert during New Ear Festival, Jan 11 2016

All sounds heard in the show are from either of these concerts.