Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Orchestra : CROSSING THE LAGRANGIAN POINT

CT::SWaM presented Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Orchestra’s work Crossing The Lagrangian Point in collaboration with Knockdown Center on Thursday, November 30th 2017.

Hans Tammen & Dark Circuits Orchestra : CROSSING THE LAGRANGIAN POINT
NHLK (Lucas Truninger & Nicola Hein) : MEMBRANES

CT::SWaM // Pioneer Works : Spatial Sound Studio Sessions, October – December 2017

CT::SWaM and Pioneer Works collaborated to offer an temporary spatial sound studio on the 3rd floor studio to artists that want to develop 8-channel sound works.To close out its studio residency, CT::SWaM presented a program of spatial sound pieces at Pioneer Works on December 10th, 2017.

CT::SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions is an annual program that presents performances and workshop sessions focused on the evolving field of multi­-channel sound.  The featured pieces had been developed during the Spatial Sound Studio Sessions, October – December 2017. The work ran on rotation from 4 PM – 10 PM in the 3rd floor studio of Pioneer Works during their Second Sundays event. 


Kenneth Kirschner : November 19, 2017
Mike Lala : Infinite Odyssey
Julia Santoli : Fluid Transmission
Christian Schröder : gaps in the void
Connor Whiriskey : Torres de Satélite