Following a move from their old base at the Fridman Gallery, CT::SWaM relocated its Summer Sessions to a new home at the Knockdown Center. For one week in November, CT-SWaM provided an experimental environment for sound artists, composers, and students seeking to expand their current practices and explore spatialization as a creative element. Workshops ran from the 11th to the 13th, public presentations on the 14th and 15th, and final performances held on the 17th of November 2015.


November 11 – 17 2015


Kamron Saniee::
Michael Hammond::
Gus Callahan::
Matthew Gantt::


Pedro Lopes (Berlin/Portugal) : turntable-driven surround sound
Gabe Raines : “Sun Castle – Room of a Thousand Doors – Door Two”
Jenn Grossman : 2 multi-channel pieces: : :”Mechanical modulation”
Woody Sullender : “Variations on Furniture Music”



For two weeks, from August 16th to the 31st of 2015, CT::SWaM and the Fridman Gallery collaborated to turn the gallery into a Temporary multi-channel sound studio.

Presentations: Experiments: Studies: Concerts: and: Exchange:


Gen Ken Montgomery : his roots and CONtacts
Bob Bellerue : multi-channel evolution
Mene Savasta : selections from Campo Cerano, adopted for 8 channels
Jenn Grossman : ‘extended hymns’
Federico Escalante : “Trama I”

Jukka Hautamäki : improvisation with modified electronics, 9.1
Stephen Schaum : eight-channel sine wave composition
Wolfgang Gil : ‘Color Tones’ (installation)

Brett Sroka feat. Alicia Hall : ‘Sine Qua Non’

Leah Beeferman and Alfon Knogl: : ‘Light Things, Solid Things’
David Moscovich feat. Beatriz Albuquerque, Cecily Iddings, Justin Maki, Daniel Neumann and Mike Topp : un-language: a collaborative, improvised spatial sound performance

Kamron Saniee : Oktemes
Jeremy Slater : octophonic pieces
Richard Garet : Mnemonics: for Space Invaders