CT::SWaM Recombinant Hour 2020

March 6 and 7 at 8pm
during Recombinant Festival 2020
Gray Area, San Francisco

Over the 2 days of the festival CT::SWaM presented international electro-acoustic multi-channel surround audio works projected by Daniel Neumann, featuring Enda Bates, Patrick Franke, Miguel A. Garcia, Elizabeth Hoffman, Yvette Janine Jackson, Yuzo Kako, Matthew Ostrowski, Dana Roth, and Kristina Warren

Program for CT::SWaM Recombinant Hour

Day 1::
Kristina Warren – Almost Completely Lucid
Miguel A. Garcia – Dissolve
Dana Roth – Panic Attack At The Mirror Maze 1
Elizabeth Hoffman – Made Of Wind
Matthew Ostrowski – Grand Abacus

Day 2::
Elizabeth Hoffman – Made Of Wind
Yuzo Kako – fora
Patrick Franke – Darswald / Kalthaus
Enda Bates – Autoharp
Yvette Janine Jackson – Swan

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