CT::SWaM: [5] A Spatial Sound Session for the 5th Anniversary

For its 5th anniversary celebration CT::SWaM is proud to be presenting collaborations, compositions and cookies! A special spatial sound session will be held and for the occasion we’ll be setting up a 12.3 channel sound system in the main room. The program includes a variety of short solo pieces, a control-suspending Modular Collaboration, simultaneities and in between sounds from the archive.

May 25 2017
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave
Queens, NY 11378
Event link

Solo pieces:
Claude Edwards – spatialized field recordings and interviews
Merche Blasco – EEMF:
Shelley Hirsch – ToHuWaBoHu
David Linton – 9/11/15
Cecilia Lopez – From Versiones Arruinadas: Los Boredoms, La Manoseada
Matthew Ostrowski – Shiver and Cleave
Kamron Saniee – Turbulent Flow: spatial synthesis piece for solo performer and 3x4ch loudspeaker system

A Modular Collaboration:
3 groups of performers over a 3 x 4.1 channel sound system:
Gus Callahan, Michael Clemow, Seth Cluett, Richard Garet, Wolfgang Gil, Jenn Grossman, Victoria Keddie, Patti Kilroy, Daniel Neumann and Bruce Tovsky

During two workshop days a multi-channel piece based on sonic exchange between individual performers will be developed. The architecture of the piece is such that none of the participants has direct control over the output. Any original output, structural or sonic, must be passed through at least one other performer. There won’t be any direct individual expression. Each performer switches between >GENERATE<, >CAPTURE< and >PASS<. The sound system will consist of a total of 12 speakers, yet divided into 3 smaller sub-(quad-)systems.



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