CT::SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2016

Presentations: Experiments: Studies: Concerts: Workshops: and: Exchange:

For two weeks Fridman Gallery was turned into a Temporary multi-channel sound studio. Work sessions led to 5 public evening events:

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August 25 – September 6 2016

Fridman Gallery
287 Spring St



All events 7:30pm doors, 8pm program::

FRIDAY 8/26 – Opening
Richard Garet:: RED-Splice, 2016, sonic construction for 8 channels
Wolfgang Gil:: generative installation
Jay Hines:: improvised modular synth performance, utilizing cv panning and spatialization

Josefin Lindebrink:: Hyperakusi II, composition for 8 loudspeakers
Hyperakusi II plays on hypothetical spaces and alterations to temporal and spatial relationships
Michael J. Schumacher:: Fridman Space, 8 channel generative composition with improvisational elements
Fridman Space is a generative composition with improvisational elements
Talk:: The evening will close with a conversation between the artists and organizer Daniel Neumann

WEDNESDAY 8/31 – An evening focused on low-frequency spatialization
Stephen Schaum:: 5 compositions for 8 speakers and 4 subwoofers
Daniel Neumann:: Next To Nothing, 8.4 live performance

Dafna Naphtali:: Audio Chandelier – 8 channel live electronics
In this piece individual grains of nearly static sound are dispersed to 8 speakers throughout the gallery and altered as granular synthesis illuminates and refracts moments in time.
The performance will be followed by a talk about the artist’s practice.
Mike Amacio:: Field Manipulations
Field Manipulations features 8-channel field recordings, RF interference, and manipulated field recordings from various environments.
Ian Epps:: improvisations in ambisonic positive feedback and sympathetic resonance

TUESDAY 9/6 – Closing
Matthew Ostrowski:: Grand Abacus, 8-channel fixed media composition, a three-part exploration of sounds in space, as static and traveling entities, based on the notion of the idea of the asymmetrical field; with introduction and talk
Jenn Grossman:: Circumstantial Infiltration, 8-channel composition
Lybes Dimem (Lukas Rehm):: KZEJHRAV, 8-channel fixed media composition
Matthew D. Gantt:: Isomorphs, 8-channel composition using source material from ‘functional’ media, including commonly used ringtones, alarms, and a variety of western cultural signifiers (arena-rock guitar, auto-tune sludge, etc), which is analyzed, processed and re-mapped both compositionally and spatially
Kamron Saniee:: Room on Wire, spatial synthesis improvisation, instrumentalizing the real acoustics of rapid harmonic motion when combined with spatialized delay
Scott Murakami:: Walking In Circles, 8-channel installation




For two weeks at the end of the summer the Fridman Gallery will be turned into a Temporary multi-channel sound studio and platform for various presentations, experiments, studies, concerts and exchange around spatial sound composition. CT::SWaM is inviting you to join in at this studio to either develop a project on the 8.2 channel system, listen to existing pieces, read from the library, or just have a chat. A structured workshop is also available for sign-up.



This year will include a 4-session workshop (+ optional public presentation) on spatial sound composition. Conducted by the CT::SWaM team. → Participate::

a) Book a session. The full week includes three group sessions and one individual work session for $175. Hourly individual sessions are $65.
b) Volunteer, trade, barter – in approximate exchange rates.

Please get in touch here: contact@ctswam.org

Get in touch, if you want to book a session, just swing by, have an idea, want to volunteer, want to take a lesson, or teach one, or have a question.


The open sessions (outside of the workshop) aren’t free, but also don’t have a price tag. So please make an offer, barter, trade, contribute, donate, de-capitalize, and please be reasonable.

The system provided will consist of 8-powered loudspeakers and a Midas M32 desk for spatialization. The sessions will take place in the evening hours or on Sundays.


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