Jane Rigler, Elizabeth Hoffman, Anna Weisling; and diNMachine

Harvestworks in association with Knockdown Center and CT::SWaM presented two audio-visual multi-channel performance works that were commissioned and produced by the Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence Program.

The evening featured All the more my thoughts multiply, a new work by Jane Rigler and Elizabeth Hoffman with video by Anna Weisling and The Audio Visual Matrix by diNMachine (Michael Schumacher and Nisi Jacobs).

Thursday, May 5 2016

Knockdowndown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378

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Jane Rigler and Elizabeth Hoffman with video by Anna Weisling
All the more my thoughts multiply

All the more my thoughts multiply is a work for flute, electroacoustic sound, and interactive video that explores the psychology of a lone character from the Noh play “Aoinoue”, taken from the massive and influential 11th c. Japanese epic “Tale of Genji.” Possessiveness is a challenge to overcome. Spirits and Shamanic exorcism evoke opportunities to explore the elements of such possessions. In this mono-drama the gestural significance of both the spatialized sound and the movements of the flutist weave together textures of light and music through an ancient Japanese folk story.

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diNMachine (Michael Schumacher and Nisi Jacobs)
The Audio Visual Matrix

An Interdisciplinary performance system commissioned by the Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence TEAM (Technology, Engineering, Art and Music) Lab

diNMachine will perform in eight-channel sound. It will be the first performance with the Audio Visual Matrix software diNMachine developed with Tommy Martinez in residency at Harvestworks. A short Q&A will follow.

The Audio Visual Matrix (AVM) is an interdisciplinary performance system that enables fast and flexible interconnections of audio and video data streams to modulate content. The inspiration comes from the “pin” type matrices found on synthesizers like the EMS Synthi, where players patch any modulation source to any destination. The AVM uses a similar grid system to create paths between elements (instruments, computers, cameras, etc.) and allows for feedback loops as well as typical modulation. See: http://avm-dinmachine.tumblr.com/



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