Leap Time:: with Marcia Bassett / Stephen Conover:: Jordan Topiel Paul / Gao Jiafeng

CT::SWaM presented an evening of duo performances at Cantina Royal on February 29th, 2016.

Marcia Bassett & Stephen Conover : INTUITION & REASON (for 8 channels)
Jordan Topiel Paul & Gao Jiafeng  : 80, 30

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Marcia Bassett and Stephen Conover
INTUITION & REASON (for 8 channels)

experimental assumptions:
1. room will be intuitively “tuned” in real time
2. physical properties of the acoustic space will explored and framed in real time
a. standing waves
b. phase cancellation
c. time delay
d. beat frequencies

expression assumptions:
1. first impression of acoustic space integral to performance
2. sound structure through randomness discovery of new connections
3. indeterminate gateways and concepts


Jordan Topiel Paul and Gao Jiafeng
80, 30

80, 30 is a long-form structure of indeterminate duration for web browser and any number of interpreters. Blocks of sonically dense noise, tones and rhythmic pulses are separated by periods of silence that articulate the space’s resonant qualities and ambient background. As the piece progresses, the repeated elements begin to transform senses of attention, acoustic afterimage and timing.

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Doors at 7p
(with a CT::SWaM Walk-in-installation)
Performances at 8p

Cantina Royal
58 N 3rd St.
Brooklyn, New York 11249

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