New Ears Festival: CT::SWaM Hosted Compositions and Talks

CT::SWaM presented an evening of 8-channel spatial sound compositions and talks as part of the New Ears Festival at Fridman Gallery on January 11th, 2016.



Patrick Franke ::
Merche Blasco ::
Gordon Minette & Kamron Saniee ::
PANEL:TALK :: moderated by Mona Chromatic
Michael Musick ::


Patrick Franke
Eight-channel musique concrète composition made of own sound recordings
obtained on an expedition to Iceland.

Merche Blasco
Eight-channel field recording composition about movement and global mobility.
AUDIBLE CROSSED GEOGRAPHIES: N 40° 43.37′ W 73° 57.01′ – N 42° 46.3
An ongoing series of soundpieces sonically merging the artists’ own steps as they navigate two locations that couldn’t otherwise coexist; a fictional subjective sonic cartography

Gordon Minette + Kamron Saniee (demo)
Introduction of a new software instrument for gestural spatial control


Michael Musick
The 9th iteration of an ongoing artistic research project creating “sonic ecosystems”; through interactive performance systems the physical space, in which the performance takes place, is integrated into the performance.

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The evening will feature an 8.2 channel sound system for which the pieces were developed or adapted to. The different composers explore aesthetics and techniques for spatialization. Listening will be practiced as a phenomenological activity: the listener immersed in inner spaces; distance and continuity; sound as intersubjective space. A central question thereby is how to dramatize the distinctions between interior, exterior, and the interior beyond the exterior space.

Guest presenters and performers are invited to bring a range of approaches to spatial sound and to make use of the Temporary multi-channel sound setup.

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An evening of Spatial Sound Compositions and Talks as part of the New Ears Festival at Fridman Gallery

January 11 2016

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