Following a move from their old base at the Fridman Gallery, CT::SWaM relocated its Summer Sessions to a new home at the Knockdown Center. For one week in November, CT-SWaM provided an experimental environment for sound artists, composers, and students seeking to expand their current practices and explore spatialization as a creative element. Workshops ran from the 11th to the 13th, public presentations on the 14th and 15th, and final performances held on the 17th of November 2015.


November 11 – 17 2015


Kamron Saniee::
Michael Hammond::
Gus Callahan::
Matthew Gantt::


Pedro Lopes (Berlin/Portugal) : turntable-driven surround sound
Gabe Raines : “Sun Castle – Room of a Thousand Doors – Door Two”
Jenn Grossman : 2 multi-channel pieces: : :”Mechanical modulation”
Woody Sullender : “Variations on Furniture Music”


Lectures: Presentations: Workshops: Experiments: Studies: Concerts: Exchanges: 

Under the guidance of Daniel Neumann, CT-SWaM founder and sound engineer, participants were invited to develop a project using high-end equipment, follow the group lectures, listen to pieces, read from the library, and book one-on-one individual work sessions.


Public Presentations:

SAT, Nov 14

4p-6p: presentations by participants

6p-8p: Pedro Lopes (Berlin/Portugal), lecture and performance:: turntable-driven surround sound. ::


In this piece one turntable will stand-in as the interface for sound spatialization: as it rotates the sound sources will rotate around the audience. The music will be improvised by Pedro using needles as microphones to capture micro realities otherwise left unheard, such as tiny scratches, coins rolling, chains and even the resonance of the turntable chassis itself. :: Pedro Lopes is one the most interesting and innovative representatives of the exploratory music of Portugal. His main instrument being the turntable with modified needles, percussive objects and self-made records::


SUN, Nov 15

2p-6p: presentations by participants


TUE, Nov 17

7p:: performances by participants with::

Gabe Raines, who will present “Sun Castle – Room of a Thousand Doors – Door Two”.
Sun Castle is a sound project that describes various spaces inside an imaginary castle. The goal is to fit the spaces together into a functional audio map. ‘Room of a Thousand Doors’ is a cavernous circular room with doors all along the wall. Each door leads to a different place in time and space, with its own unique sonic properties and ecosystem. :: Gabe Raines makes audio environments as Sun Castle, sound poems as Enlilylyxyl, and organizes multi-channel shows as Future Forever.


8:30p:: Jenn Grossman:: 2 multi-channel pieces: : :”Mechanical modulation” :: transforms the physicality and rhythm of shop sounds & actions into a dynamic, exalted composition :& :”Memory bleed”: a string of ambient works that consider memory and dreaming as shaping our present consciousness, a coming out of and into ones self through sound and voice: : ::Jenn ‘s works play with psychological displacement of sound in space as to transform common realities into heightened perceptual/bodily experiences.



9p:: Woody Sullender:: “Variations on Furniture Music”. Furniture Music is a series of multi-channel electronic music performances utilizing arrangements of modular cardboard forms outfitted with audio transducers :: Woody Sullender is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work encompass a variety of media including music, sculpture, performance, theater, installation, architecture, origami, and even sonic weaponry. Among other activities, he is founding co-editor (will Bill Dietz) of the sonic arts publication Ear | Wave | Event (


Facebook event


The group sessions will outline the history of spatial sound works while providing a technical understanding, and explore the aesthetics and techniques for spatialization. Listening will be practiced as a phenomenological activity: the listener immersed in inner spaces; distance and continuity; sound as intersubjective space. A central question thereby is how to dramatize the distinctions between interior, exterior, and the interior beyond the exterior space.

“Personally, as a sound artist as well as a professional live sound engineer, I understand a loudspeaker in a certain space as an instrument, as my main instrument. The speaker is the resonating exciter – like a string; and the space is the resonator – like the wooden body of a violin for example. Every space and every speaker system will act differently.” DN

Guest presenters and performers are invited to bring a range of approaches to spatial sound and to make use of the Temporary multi-channel sound setup.



A) Book a session. The full week includes three group sessions and one individual work session for $175. Hourly individual sessions are $65.

B) Volunteer, trade, barter – in approximate exchange rates.

Please get in touch here:



WED, Nov 11
10a-2p: group session 1
3p-6p: individual sessions

THUR, Nov 12
10a-2p: group session 2
3p-6p: individual sessions

FRI, Nov 13
10a-2p: group session 3
3p-6p: individual sessions

:::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378

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