Chris Pitsiokos & Philip White :: m@rk0 T|m!|N :: Evidence

CT-SWaM presented Chris Pitsiokos and Philip White, m@rk0 T|m!|N, and Evidence (Stephan Moore + Scott Smallwood) at The Living Gallery on May 18th, 2015.


Christ Pitsiokos and Philip White : PAROXYSM
Evidence : Spatial Improvisation

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Chris Pitsiokos and Philip White
multi-channel rendering



“Chris and I started working together in the summer of 2013. We immediately discovered a shared sense of form and mutual affinity for powerful and assertive sonic statements. Over the course of the next six months we honed our vocabulary into a language built organically from jazz, contemporary classical music and noise. In the winter of that year we entered the studio to document and distill our efforts into this work, Paroxysm.” -Philip White

“It’s very difficult to do justice, using words, to how enervating and annihilating this set was” – Ray Cummings in the Village Voice


m@rk0 T|m!|N
a set with alternated and custom built electronics


A spatial improvised duo set.


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Philip White
Composer, performer and improviser Philip White works with electronics at the intersection of noise, jazz and contemporary concert music. Current projects include R WE WHO R WE (with Ted Hearne), Colonic Youth (with James Ilgenfritz, Kevin Shea and Dan Blake) and duos with Chris Pitsiokos, Bob Bellerue and Taylor Levine. His music has been released on New Focus Recordings, Infrequent Seams and Tape Drift Records. It has been described as “utterly gripping” (Time Out Chicago), “bona fide evocative music” (Brooklyn Rail), and a “vibrant textural tapestry” (Wall Street Journal).

Chris Pitsiokos (b. 1990) is a saxophonist, composer, and improviser. His music combines the intensity and immediacy of no wave and noise with the lyricism and forward propulsion of jazz and the abstract detail of contemporary classical composers Iannis Xenakis, Briany Ferneyhough, and Helmut Lachenmann. Recent/current collaborators include Lydia Lunch, Tyshawn Sorey, Peter Evans, Kevin Shea, Brian Chase, Elliott Sharp, Mick Barr, Marc Edwards, Philip White, and Weasel Walter. Chris has performed throughout Europe, Japan, Australia, and the US. In addition to performing and composing music, Chris runs his own record label, Eleatic records, curates the Gadfly Series at New York venue Spectrum, and programs a radio show at WKCR-FM.

m@rk0 T|m!|N’s works are characterized by the imaginative, and often entirely alienated and distorted use of technology. In this way he reveals beautiful and lyrical aspects of technology that people usually don’t associated with it. Many of his sound installations and musical instruments consist of components not originally conceived for musical use or are made out of discarded elements, which he fished out of trash cans resurrecting them to a new artistic life. T|m!|N is convinced that the artistic application of technology is socially highly significant, as it may be exemplary for a peaceful and enriching coexistence between man and machine, rather than a dystopian, oppressive and dehumanizing relationship.

Evidence is a collaboration between sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. Since 2001, they have developed a distinctive language of deeply layered sound, using field recordings of natural and industrial sounds as a primary source of inspiration and sonic material. Their activities range from studio compositions and live improvisations to sound installations, street performances, and numerous collaborations with other musicians, choreographers, and video artists. Recent projects include the participatory performance/installation “Receiver”, which broadcasts multi-channel compositions on several closely-tuned FM frequencies to a radio-wielding audience, and “Losperus”, a performance of unstable sound sculptures, fashioned improvisationally from discarded household items.

The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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