CT::SWaM / ALLGOLD :: AURAL TOOLS by Attila Faravelli

CT::SWaM collaborated with the MoMA PS1 Print Shop and
ALLGOLD to co-present AURAL TOOLS by Attila Faravelli on December 4th, 2014.

In this first co-operation between CT-SWaM and ALLGOLD, we sought to provide an intimate and focused setting to get to know Attila Faravelli – a prominent figure in the Italian sound art scene.  The evening started with a presentation and showcase of his Aural Tools, continue with a solo set and then conclude with a cocktail hour and a group migration to Experimental Intermedia.  AURAL TOOLS uses editions of simple objects to document the material and conceptual processes of specific musicians’ sound production practice. It is a series of acoustic devices for relating sound to space, the listener, and the body in ways unavailable through traditional recorded media such as CDs or LPs.

Aural Tools was founded by Attila Faravelli, who is also its curator.


The solo set will be based around his latest release:


ATTILA FARAVELLI lives and works in Milano (Italy). In his practice he explores the relationship between sound, space and body. His solo music is released by Die Schachtel and Senufo Editions, in duo w/Andrea Belfi (Tumble) he released on Die Schachtel, on Boring Machines with Nicola Ratti and on Presto!? with the artist Nicola Martini. Together with Enrico Malatesta and Nicola Ratti he is founder of the trio ~Tilde. He presented his work in Europe, USA, Cina and South Korea. In 2010 he partecipated to the 12th International Biennial of Architecture in Venice. Since 2011 he curates The Lift series of experimental music concerts. In 2012 he was chosen as the italian curator for the Sounds of Europe project. He is founder and curator for the Aural Tools project.


(event link)

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