André Vida

CT::SWaM presented André Vida’s MOVING SCORES at Eyebeam on April 13th, 2014.



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André Vida

André Vida’s Moving Scores is an installation of films and animated musical notations that focuses on the delicate relationship between performer and score. Unlike typical musical scores, these interactive pieces listen to their performers and respond with motion, amplifying the musical gesture and giving the sound a space to develop in equilibrium with the visual. This long-duration performance on the evening of 13 April marks the closing of Moving Scores.

Interpreters: Christa Robinson – english horn, Sara Schoenbeck – bassoon, Loren Dempster – cello, Jay Rosen – tuba, Brett Sroka – trombone and A. Vida – saxophones, Daniel Neumann – spatial reconfigurations.

540 W 21st St
New York, NY 10011

(event link)

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