Nat Roe, David Linton, Lary 7, Melissa F. Clarke

JUNE 18 2012
Eyebeam, 540 West 21st Street

Nat Roe, David Linton, Lary 7, Melissa F. Clarke
curated by Maria Chavez

Nat Roe
Nat Roe’s collages mix equal measures of DJ Screw and Brion Gysin. By appropriating top-40, then chopping, screwing and smearing noise all over everything, he makes familiar tunes dissociative and transgressive. On this night, Nat improvised for several hours, ready to be fixated on or taken as furniture music to chat by.

David Linton
David Linton is a Time based multiple media artist traveling the vectors of sound, subculture, and signal flow.

Lary 7
Lary 7 is a multimedia alchemist able to coax profane, inscrutable sounds and images from numerous and mysterious devices. His work has been described as that of a magician or scientist — one who may not always be certain of the outcome, but who is determined to see it through to its (il)logical end.

Melissa F. Clarke
Submarine terrain, ice, other worldly neo-landscapes, and other structures morphed and collided in Clarke’s performance. Using digital data and other means her visual and sound evoked chilled isolated locations, while expressing human designs and structures that are totally amplified.


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